One.Two.Three Photography



It’s so hard to put into words an experience you had when you traveled somewhere. At least for me it is. Ecuador was the perfect trip for me and it came at the perfect time. It was an eye opener and it introduced a lot of emotions for me. It was a photojournalism trip with one of my photography classes, and not only was it a trip that I needed personally, but the group I traveled with was by far the most amazing group to travel with. Not only was everyone hilarious but we all inspired each other in what we captured with our cameras. We were all so different but yet we had a similar eye for the things that stood out to us. The landscapes of course were beautiful, but it was the people that stood out to me the most. Our Ecuador trip was in 2013 and sometimes I still have culture shock! I photographed everything with my Canon Rebel XTI. I was an underdog compared to the equipment my classmates had, but I made it work- because really… all that mattered was capturing memories, and it didn’t matter if I had top of the line equipment or not. I now photograph with a Canon 7d (yes still a crop frame for any of you photographs that understand the difference) and the difference in my photographs is huge just from the Rebel to a 7D (of course I knew that would happen once I upgraded). I can’t wait to keep upgrading, not to say I have nice equipment, but only so I can capture the world how I see it, even better!