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I hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday! Here I am writing a blog about one of the many thoughts that are going through my mind, but I thought I could share some simple advice with you all 🙂


On a daily basis my mind is filled with random thoughts and a variety of lists of things that I need to do and want to do. From thinking about making a new list of things to do, to scanning over my planner that is already full of unneeded lists. 

It might just be me…but I stress myself out on a daily basis for no reason. I forget to slow down. I forget to relax. I hold high expectations for myself (which isn’t a bad thing), and I take it too far sometimes. 

So my simple advice for myself and for everyone around me is, don’t forget to take time to relax. I know that is so cheesy and it’s common sense. But honestly, it’s something we ignore for long periods of time. 

If you are like me, and have a ton of things going on at one time, take a step back, sit down and write down the top three things you want to give your full focus on. I’m someone who wants to be good at a, b, c, d and so on. Instead of focusing on quality over quantity I get anxiety about filling up my schedule with as many things as I can. 

There are a lot of individuals in my life who are extremely successful and I have watched them for many years have very busy schedules and work long hours, and I instantly want to follow that. But that’s not for everyone. 

Don’t lose your passion. Don’t lose sight of the simple things that make you happy and help you relax. It doesn’t hurt to sit back, shut off all distractions and not think about anything that is on your “list.” 

I was thinking about this other day when I was editing photos and looked up at this plant that was on the kitchen table. Sounds extremely silly, but sitting there, looking at something so simple in the sunlight made me realize that I need to slow down. I need to not only focus on my physical health, but also my mental health, and I think many others could do the same as well. 

No rocket science here, just a simple reminder to live a happy life 🙂