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Intimate In-Home Wedding | Sabrina & Garrett

It is hard to sum up Sabrina & Garrett’s wedding day into the perfect words. From the moment that Sabrina filled me in on the details of their small wedding at home in winter, I knew this day was going to be filled with so many emotions.

When I met with Sabrina & Garrett during their engagement photos, I realized that they live literally a two-minute walk from me (and low-key wanted to buy the house that they were living in). I also learned their love for their three kittens, who are the most adorable and friendly cats I have ever met! I also cannot forget that Sabrina’s humor is literally one of a kind in the most hilarious and amazing way. You can guess that their engagement session was full of laughter!

I have to give a huge kudos to these two. It takes a lot of encouragement to stick to what you truly want, with anything in life, and especially with planning your own wedding. A ton of emotion go into this day, especially for family and friends. However, the day is truly about you and your partner. I was beyond thrilled when Sabrina was explaining to me her vision for their wedding day. She was so excited to see how it would naturally flow. Of course all the details – such as the flowers, decor, and the food – were important, but I could tell that Sabrina & Garrett were more focused on the memories they were going to make from this special day.

They both are very go-with-the-flow and just want to have the best time. That is exactly what happened on January 22nd, 2021 when these two tied the knot. Wisconsin weather in January is not very kind, but these two embraced the intimate and romantic feel of their own home that they were so happy to buy in 2020.

Their evening ceremony led right into a casual gathering with close friends and family. The food was catered from Rye Restaurant in Appleton, WI. Sabrina used to work at Branching Out & Co, so she was super excited to have them do the florals. They turned out AMAZING! Sabrina’s dress was not only one-of-a-kind, but elegant and perfect for what she was looking to wear. She purchased it from Saks Fifth Avenue, and it was the only dress she tried on. Talk about perfect! Oh and be sure to note her unique and beautiful accessories! The cake from Tamara’s-The Cake Guru with the perfect cake topper, and the cookies from SAP, were the perfect cherry on top to the evening.

I always learn something from each couple I photograph. Sabrina and Garrett strengthened my outlook on what truly matters on any given day. Even aside from the wedding day, the moments that matter are the little ones that happen with those you love. The details are nice, but they won’t be the things you remember the most. I am so happy to share with you all these moments from Sabrina and Garrett’s small wedding at home. Congratulations you two!





Intimate In-Home Wedding | Sabrina & Garrett

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