thinking of stepping outside of the box for your wedding plans..? heck yes!

I won't lie- when I first started photographing love stories in 2014. I thought eloping meant running off to Vegas to get married by Elvis, and not telling your family about it. Yes I was someone who never thought eloping would ever be an option for my future clients. But as the years went on of documenting peoples stories, and hearing how they truly wanted to remember their day, it was like something clicked. 

It doesn't matter if there are 150+ people there, or if it's just the couple in a location where they feel the most connected.. all my clients want to remember is what brought them together in the first place. It's about the little moments within their story that showcase so much love and happiness, but also doesn't forget about the obstacles they have gone through together.

Elopement is about promising your love to your best friend for the rest of your life, in a place where you both feel alive and where you feel the most connected. It’s about focusing on the true meaning of two people coming together and their love for each other.
You can still include family, heck you can have 25+ guests there for your elopement. But the whole idea is that you are truly focusing on how you want your story to go, instead of focusing most of your attention on throwing a party for a large group of people.

"Elopement is about promising your love to your best friend for the rest of your life, in a place where you both feel alive and where you feel the most connected..."

There are so many resources out there that help with understanding elopements even more! I have included a link to one of my all time favorite elopement photographers/resources for you to check out to learn more:Adventure Instead blog

" so tara, i'm curious. if i'm going to elope, is this still an all day thing?"

Heck yes it is! Just because you have decided that a elopement is what you and your partner is what you truly want.. does NOT mean that it is less valuable than a traditional wedding. It does not mean that you have to feel that it's not as important.. BECAUSE IT IS EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT. It is YOUR wedding day, no matter the amount of people you have attending or the location you are getting married in. This is YOUR story and it is so extremely important. 

You want to get married at sunrise, then go to brunch, then head on a 5 hour adventure wherever that may be and end the day at a local brewery or winery or coffee shop, then let's capture it all! Why only capture 2-3 hours of your story? You wouldn't just eat half of a chocolate chip cookie right? Elopements do not mean that your wedding day is no longer as important.. it is your day, your story and it is EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT, so don't think you have to cut it short. I will help plan what your elopement or intimate wedding would look like if you wanted a full day coverage because I believe in it that much!

" So what is the difference between elopement and intimate wedding?"

Elopements tend to consist of mainly just you and your partner, your officiant (if you even need it where you are getting married! Some states you can marry yourselves!), and just the beautiful location you are choosing to say your vows... well and of course your photographer/videographer :) Elopements allow you and your partner to focus on 100% of what you two want.. and literally you two can do whatever you want!

Intimate weddings are a beautiful way to include a small group of those who are incredibly important to you because you don't want to say your vows without the people you love there! Intimate weddings tend to be 25 people or less and can be in any location of your choice! 

With both of these options I never want you to forget that just because you are choosing to go away from hosting a traditional party (hey I'm so excited for you!), means that you should short yourself on having a photographer/videographer there for more than just a couple hours. It is still your story and there is tons of magic that needs to be captured!

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