The Photographer

Hello! My name is Tara 🙂 So nice to meet you all!

My Mission: One.Two.Three Photography is a single-owner photography company that strives to achieve excellence through capturing those never-forget moments. As the owner, Tara Pichelmeyer, aims for customer satisfaction, executed by unique perspectives through the camera lens. 

Documenting life is very important to me. It all started watching my grandma take photos of literally everything-back then I didn’t realize the importance, but when I was gifted a box of all the photos she had taken, I was so incredibly grateful.

I took my curiosity as I watched my grandma always take photos, and knowing her background of painting skin tones on black and white portraits, to a whole new level. I was gifted my first film camera in 2006- I took photos of everything! Once I got to high school I upgraded to a digital camera and knew my passion for photography was going to carry through high school and into college. I would take senior photos for friends and capture a lot of moments of my mom and the horses.

I studied photography under the Applied Photography Minor at UW-Stout and learned a wealth of information from my professors there. My minor was meant to compliment my major of Graphic Communications that later turned into Business Administration. I have worked as a second shooter under a successful photographer and constantly invest in ongoing education, and lets be honest… I photograph a lot- giving me lots of practice! A lot of my passion stems from the photojournalism side that I studied in college. Wanting to always be a National Geographic photographer that focused more on people, I carry that into every photo session I book. I want to capture YOUR story on how YOU want to remember those memories.

Sessions with me are not just, “smile and say cheese.” I take a photojournalist approach in capturing moments for my clients, as well as in my everyday life. I want to capture the raw emotion from that moment and I strive to go above and beyond with what I deliver to my clients. If the little things matter to you, and those moments in between the smiles, I would love to capture some memories for you!

Some random things to know about me (these might be deal breakers to some.. just kidding, hopefully!)

  • I have every season of the Golden Girls- it is my favorite show ever!

  • I wish I could eat chocolate chip pancakes for every meal.

  • Some of my favorite things I have photographed- the culture in Ecuador, and individuals living with Dementia.

  • I can be the most dramatic person ever- but yet the most serious person.

  • When I say, “just one more” during a session, I usually mean five more shots.

  • I believe mermaids were real until I was in 8th grade (maybe even longer).


Most of my photos are grounded in people. I look for the unguarded moment, the essential soul peeking out, experience etched on a person’s face.

— Steve Mccurry

Photography Projects, Past and present

  • Music & Memory-program created by Dan Cohen. A photography project I created for Valley VNA Senior Care, Neenah WI. Assisted Living and In-Home Services that focuses on Life Enrichment utilizing music in one of their activities.

  • “Bellona”-Fighter. Working in progress project that will be highlighting women in their darkest of days and their struggles, but also how they have overcome it and are stronger than ever.