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Pinterest : Why I Stopped Using It

Ok not completely…..

This blog is focusing on why I have stepped away from using Pinterest when it comes to inspiring myself before photo shoots.

Let’s not kid ourselves, Pinterest is AMAZING! It has encouraged us to do all the DIY projects, become interior designers over night and plan our dream wedding’s under $10,000.

I have fallen in the trap of scrolling…and scrolling…and scrolling for hours appreciating all the beautiful photos. As a photographer Pinterest was always my go to for inspiration, and then from there I started creating vision boards for poses I wanted to capture. At first it was just inspiration, but then it led me down a path of comparing my work to other photographers and not being happy with the work I was producing.

During sessions I was so incredibly focused on capturing a specific pose from Pinterest (I would either have print outs with me at the session or would take breaks to look at my phone…how rude) I wasn’t building a relationship with my clients and I wasn’t having much fun during the session. It’s not like I felt like I needed Pinterest photos, I have a background in Applied Photography and have been doing it since high school but I thought they was the way to capture those “perfect moments.”

I started asking clients to provide me a Pinterest board of photos they wanted and after I started doing that, it made me realize I was ruining my creative side. I was getting myself so worked up on how was I going to capture all these poses, especially if was at a wedding, and what if it doesn’t turn out like what they see? Essentially I was missing natural, raw, and beautiful moments.

But here is the thing, and the biggest reason why I am stepping away from depending on Pinterest to drive my photo sessions and the work I produce.

US PHOTOGRAPHERS CAN NOT RECREATE THE EXACT MOMENT YOU SEE ON PINTEREST. Maybe close, but not down to the tiny detail exact.

There are a few factors to consider when looking at another photo on Pinterest

  • Each couple, family, event is different. All my clients look different, some have short hair, some have long, some are tall some are a little shorter. When looking at specific poses that you are set on (which is great, I’m not taking away from this), just keep in mind that YOU are YOU and that is the most beautiful thing, meaning that you should focus on natural moments and what happens on that specific day. Don’t get focused on what you see on the internet and trying to repose it.

  • Each photographer has a different style of photography- especially how they frame their subjects, different equipment (crop frame vs full frame- not saying crop frame doesn’t capturing beautiful photos because it does, I photographed on one for 8 years and it has helped me learn how to frame the photo), and all around a different way in how they photograph.

  • Surroundings- is your venue or location for your photo session the same as in the photo you see? Because if not, the photos will not look the same as you see on Pinterest.

“Keep in mind that YOU are YOU and that is the most beautiful thing..”

By no means am I telling you to not look at Pinterest and send your photographer a list of your ideas. I still love seeing this from my clients because some of my clients are extreme extroverts and super silly, others are little bit more private. Seeing some photos that they like gives me a good idea.

If you are a client booking a photographer, don’t get offended if a photographer doesn’t want to see your Pinterest board. I still think having 3-5 MUST HAVE poses (especially on wedding day) to show your photographer is important and I still ask that of my clients. But please do keep in mind that any event that is being photographed goes by faster than you would expect and capturing things naturally and what fits you as the subject creates the most beautiful moments that I promise you will want to remember forever.

“Any event that is being photographed goes by faster than you would expect and capturing things naturally and what fits you as the subject creates the most beautiful moments”

So, keep “Pinning” away as your heart desires because I will be too. This is just a friendly reminder to not compare your life, or in this case your photo session to what you see online in tiny boxes. You are a beautiful person and trust that your photographer will capture moments that will blow you away.





Pinterest : Why I Stopped Using It