[ Engagement ] Alyssa & Eli

Jul 1, 2019

Ok… So I have been waiting to share these moments with you all! These two cuties are engaged!!! I am so incredibly happy for them, and let me tell you… the photo session with them was an absolute blast. Alyssa & Eli are some of the two most down to earth people I have met and they were up for anything for this session.

I met Alyssa at a Dale Carnegie class and we clicked right away- both of our favorite colors are yellow and we love photography…..friends right away! And you guys, I love how much Eli adores Alyssa, seeing their love for each other and how they can just be themselves during their photo session brought me the biggest smile.

When you check out the photo with the ring/ring box- note that Eli made that from their first real Christmas tree from years ago and has been holding onto it for quite a while!




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