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Surprise Proposal Photoshoot – Nick & Claudia

I am so excited to share Nick and Claudia’s surprise proposal photoshoot with you today!

I remember the first time I met Claudia. We were working together in the assisted living we both work at, and she was telling me how her goals were to work in the ER someday. I thought, how COOL! You go girl, because I can barely handle getting the flu shot!

After telling everyone at work that I was offering mini sessions for anyone interested, Claudia booked with me right away wanted to get updated photos of her and her boyfriend along with their three pups! Claudia & Nick have been together almost 7 years now. When Claudia reached back out a couple years later wanting to get more updated photos in the fall time I was naturally pretty excited! Then, to my surprise, Nick messaged me separately filling me in on some additional details; he was planning to propose!

Cue the happy dancing, because that is exactly what happened after he messaged me that. We talked about how I was going to help make their surprise proposal photoshoot happen. Thank the heavens I was wearing a mask during their shoot. Without it, my facial expressions would have given it away for sure. Claudia couldn’t tell I was nervous, but I totally was.

Two of Nick and Claudia’s close friends tagged along to also have me capture some photos of them. I accidentally leaked the surprise to Claudia’s friend Bailey who I thought was in on the surprise. WHOOPS! But at least it wasn’t Claudia herself! So here’s five of us hanging out at Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve, and me just doing my thing documenting some memories, trying to not freak out. But we MADE IT HAPPEN! Nick got down on one knee and the tears made an appearance, but most importantly, so much happiness from Claudia. I am so lucky to be able to capture moments like this for people and show them all of the emotions that were froze into a single frame.

So happy for you two. Enjoy every single minute!





Surprise Proposal Photoshoot – Nick & Claudia

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