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Intimate Halloween Wedding- Kelsey & Marty

When Kelsey & Marty reached out to me about their Halloween wedding, the plans were a tad different than what actually happened. Their original plan consisted of an intimate wedding with 80 guests. Even though their Halloween wedding decreased even more, the one thing that stayed consistent was Kelsey and Marty’s positive outlook.

They knew they wanted to get married no matter what. From their original plan to get married at the Copper Leaf Hotel in Appleton, WI to switching over to Kelsey’s parents’ house, they didn’t skip a beat. I admired them for that.

Kelsey and Marty are two very outgoing individuals with so much love for each other. They never lost sight of what their wedding day was truly about, and that was their love story. Their intimate ceremony consisted of Kelsey’s parents and sister, along with myself and the Father from their local church. Kelsey’s dress was unique and absolutely beautiful, and perfect for what she was looking for. The florals from The Enchanted Florist in Hortinville, WI were absolutely stunning. Also, let’s not forget, Kelsey’s candy corn shoes! How perfect for a Halloween wedding!

After getting married at Kelsey’s parents, we headed over to Givens Farm in Hortonville, WI for some different scenery for Kelsey & Marty to spend some time together while I captured their story. I’m so thankful that, through everything, these two decided to push through it all and still get married. They soaked up every moment of their Halloween wedding with a positive attitude. Congratulations Kelsey & Marty, and here’s to many years of happiness!





Intimate Halloween Wedding- Kelsey & Marty

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