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Sisters Do Senior Photos Together – Green Bay, WI

When Sydney and Elyse’s mom, Dawn, reached out to me about doing senior photos for her twins, her excitement was over the moon! Which, in return, made me super excited! We got them on the calendar right away and couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather.

We met at Fonferek’s Glen Falls in Green Bay, WI, a unique 74-acre nature park that was opened by a guy who lived on the property and who discovered this beautiful scenery. It features a waterfall, dolomite cliffs, a creek, native trees and more! When we showed up and started walking towards the waterfall, I noticed I didn’t hear any running water. To my surprise the waterfall was dried up, and the girls laughed since they knew this happens in certain months of the summer. I was SO BUMMED, but they were go-with-the-flow and up for anything. They ensured me it wasn’t a big deal since they figured the waterfall probably would be dried up. I guess I learn something new everyday!

During the whole session, I wanted to make sure I focused on Sydney’s & Elyse’s unique personalities during each frame. We got creative and they were up for trying new things when it came to my crazy ideas. During their shoot, it reminded me of how much I loved portrait sessions. My passion for photography first started with wanting to work for a fashion magazine someday. Also, their mom was the perfect cheerleader during the photos! The whole session was full of laughter and positive vibes!

Sydney, as her mom explained, is more of the “earth, hippie” vibe and Elyse has more of the rock music vibe, but yet they were both so outgoing and so down to earth. I for sure could have hung out with Dawn and her daughters all day as we talked for some time after the photos were done. So thankful that photography brings such amazing people into my life!

Here are some of my favorites from the twins senior photos!





Sisters Do Senior Photos Together – Green Bay, WI

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